The e-pilepsy Exchange and Training Programme

The e-pilepsy Exchange and Training program targets young epileptologists and neurosurgeons with the aim to make it possible for them to improve their skills and expertise.

Within the e-pilepsy project, 10 fellowships of 3 months are funded. Fellows can visit one or several centres. Six of the collaborating centres have a budget for fellowships (one to two fellowships per centre) and the other seven centres are the receiving centres. Also associate centres can receive fellows.

The aim of the fellowship programme is to increase and harmonise the knowledge basis across the e-pilepsy consortium so that experienced centres share their knowledge about epilepsy surgery and the pre-surgical investigations with those with less experience.

In order to facilitate the planning of the fellowship periods, all receiving centres have listed their specific areas of expertise. Also in order to evaluate the program, each fellow lists the aims of the fellowship period beforehand and the fulfilment of aims after the fellowship period.