The 13th European Congress on Epileptology (ECE 2018) took place in Vienna, Austria on 26-30th August 2018 organised by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).

ILAE Commission on European Affairs received numerous nominations for the European Awards 2018. The nominees were of a very high calibre and much deliberation went into selecting the recipients.

We are delighted to announce that three EpiCARE leads received the prestigious European Epilepsy Award at the Welcome Ceremony of the 13th ECE on Sunday 26th August 2018.

Professor Emilio Perucca – European Epileptology Award

The award is presented to a European epileptologist in recognition of his/her outstanding lifetime contribution to European epileptology.

Emilio Perucca is Professor at the University of Pavia and Director of the Clinical Trial Center of the C. Mondino National Neurological Institute in Pavia. He obtained a Specialization in Neurology at the University of Pavia and a Ph.D. Diploma at the University of London. He trained as a neurologist and clinical pharmacologist at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, London. In 1997 he received the ILAE-IBE Ambassador for Epilepsy award. He is currently the immediate Past-President of ILAE. Over the past decades, he has contributed to several advocacy initiatives to improve epilepsy services and funding for epilepsy research in Europe and beyond. His own research activities have focused on the clinical pharmacology of AEDs, the drug treatment of seizure disorders, and clinical trial methodology in epilepsy.  He co-edited several international textbooks and authored over 450 Pubmed-listed publications, with an H-index of 75 and a citation index >20,000.

Prof Emilip Perucca is a member of the EpiCARE Steering Committee and leads the Work Package on Clinical Trials.

Professor Kristina Malmgren – European Epilepsy Education Award

The award is given in recognition of outstanding contribution to the advancement of epilepsy education on a European level.

Kristina Malmgren is professor in neurology and head of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Gothenburg University. She leads the comprehensive epilepsy team including the adult epilepsy surgery program at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Her research interests are in clinical epileptology and epilepsy surgery, especially comprehensive long-term epilepsy surgery outcomes and she has published more than 100 original papers.

Kristina Malmgren has been active in education both at national and international level for decades. She has been teaching epileptology at undergraduate and graduate level, as well as to registrars in neurology, patients, health care personnel and the public. She developed the first Swedish university course in epileptology for nurses. She has written a number of educational book chapters both for colleagues and for patients.

Kristina Malmgren has for many years participated in ILAE’s teaching courses: as faculty member in one San Servolo course, in a number of Eilat educational courses and Baltic summer school courses. She has been on the faculty of the EPODES epilepsy surgery courses since 2008 and has chaired the program committee since 2012 during which time EPODES has developed into an international course cycle on epilepsy surgery with basic and advanced courses.

Prof Kristina Malmgren is the lead of the Sweedish EpiCARE centre, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Professor Sylvain Rheims – Young Investigator Awards

The award is given to researchers in Europe under the age of 45 in recognition of outstanding contributions to epilepsy research and in order to stimulate a promising research career in epileptology.

Sylvain Rheims started his neurology residency in Lyon in 2003 where he immediately devoted his career to epilepsy. Early in his residency, he spent three full years and obtained his PhD in Neurosciences at Mediterranean Institute for Neurobiology in Marseille thanks to a prestigious INSERM grant. He then came back to clinic to finish his residency and perform an epilepsy fellowship. At 36, he was appointed head of Department of Functional Neurology and Epilepsy in Lyon, one of the most active epilepsy surgery centers in Europe, and co-chair of an INSERM/CNRS laboratory specialized in translational research in epilepsy (TIGER, CRNL, INSERM U1025, CNRS 5292). He was also appointed as full professor of Neurology at University Claude Bernard Lyon-1 in September 2017. He coordinates in Lyon the French National Reference Center for Rare Epilepsies and is deeply involved in the European Reference Network for rare and complex epilepsies (EPICARE), especially in the field of epilepsy surgery and clinical trials. Pr Rheims has published 71 pubmed referenced papers, including 42 as first or last authors. His clinical research skills cover the field of clinical epilepsy, including SUDEP, epilepsy surgery and clinical trials, and also biostatistics (including meta-analysis), and experimental epilepsy. His main research topics are evaluation of efficacy and safety of new antiepileptic treatments and development of innovative therapeutic strategies for epilepsy comorbidities, especially in the field of SUDEP, which has progressively become his main research axis.

Prof Sylvain Rheims is a member of the EpiCARE Steering Committee and leads the Work Package on Surgical Epilepsy.

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